AI News Anchor in Telugu Media: Introducing Maya

AI News Anchor in Telugu Media: Introducing Maya

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Artificial Intelligence: Maya, the AI news anchor, has made her entry into the Telugu media industry. Recently, a local TV channel in Odisha featured an AI anchor in their news segment. Now, we have Maya, the AI anchor, delivering news in Telugu.

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Hello! Until now, we have been watching news headlines on TV news channels. But this is a new era of technology. Humans are now creating robots and accomplishing missions. And now, even TV channels are presenting news as missions. Isn’t it surprising that we are hearing news being read by AI? Yes, what you have heard is true. It is made possible through Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Until now, in various countries, AI anchors have been delivering news. Recently, a local news channel in Odisha also presented news through AI technology. They named the news anchor “Lisa.”

Recently, in a Telugu media channel, an AI news anchor was introduced. They named her “Maya.” In Telugu, this AI news anchor is presenting news with great clarity. It is quite fascinating to see this virtual news anchor with expressions and gestures. They have specially designed Maya, the virtual news anchor, to deliver news in Telugu.

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