Google integrates Bard chatbot with its apps and services

Google integrates Bard chatbot with its apps and services

Google has seamlessly integrated its advanced Bard chatbot into a plethora of its apps and services, marking a significant leap in the world of generative AI chatbots. This innovative update now enables Bard to collaborate seamlessly with Google’s ecosystem, including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, and even Google Flights and hotels. With these integrations, Bard is primed to provide users with even more insightful and helpful responses.

One notable enhancement is the revamped “Google it” feature, which acts as a built-in fact-checker to ensure the accuracy of Bard’s responses. Additionally, Google has extended Bard’s reach to encompass a broader spectrum of locales and languages, making it accessible to a global audience.

For users comfortable with English, there’s a new and exciting feature called “Bard Extensions.” This functionality allows for a more interactive and collaborative experience with Bard. Through Extensions, Bard adeptly retrieves pertinent information from various Google tools, seamlessly bridging data gaps across different apps and services.
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Yury Pinsky, Director of Product Management for Bard, emphasized the privacy aspect of these extensions. When opting to use Workspace extensions, your data from Gmail, Docs, and Drive remains confidential, shielded from human reviewers and immune to being used for advertising purposes or training Bard’s model. Google reaffirms that users have full control over their privacy settings and can deactivate these extensions at their convenience.

To enhance accuracy and reliability, Bard now incorporates a “Google it” button for English responses, facilitating easy fact-checking. This feature draws from the extensive research conducted by Google Research and Google DeepMind.

Moreover, Bard has evolved to simplify collaborative efforts. If someone shares a Bard chat via a public link, recipients can seamlessly pick up the conversation thread and pose additional questions related to the topic. This promotes knowledge sharing and encourages the cultivation of ideas.

Google’s integration of Bard into its ecosystem represents a significant stride towards more dynamic and efficient AI interactions, all while ensuring user privacy and control remain paramount.
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